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100 Customer Advisory Boards (CABs) and counting!

For the past 12 years, I’ve been working with hi-tech B2B companies to help them plan and facilitate their customer advisory boards. I recently crossed the threshold of 100 CABs. As I look back, here are 3 important lessons I’ve learned.

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Help! I have the wrong customers attending my CAB

If you’ve been running a Customer Advisory Board (CAB) program for a while you’ve invested in building some solid customer relationships. But what do you do when these great customers can no longer provide you the directional guidance you now need? Continue reading

3 signs your CAB may be ready for a refresh

The most successful customer advisory boards (CAB) are dynamic, filled with topical content and energized conversation. Even so, if your company has been running a CAB for a few years you may be wondering if it’s time to shake things up. Here are a few signs that it may be time for a refresh. Continue reading

“Advisory Boards” vs “Advisory Councils” – What’s the difference?

Recently I’ve been asked a lot about the differences between Customer Advisory Boards (CAB) and Customer Advisory Councils (CAC). They are often considered synonyms, but they mean very different things. Here’s a snapshot of why they are different. Continue reading