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Is your Customer Advisory Board world-class? Here’s how to tell.

What separates world-class customer advisory board (CAB) meetings from the rest? Since 2002 we’ve helped companies design and facilitate more than 100 CABs and executive roundtable (ERT) meetings. And the most successful ones all share the same evaluation results — they inspire the host company, and they engage clients. Continue reading

Podcast: Harnessing the power of your Customer Advisory Board

Mike Gospe was recently interviewed by Linda Popky, CEO of the marketing firm Leverage2Market, and author of the upcoming book, Marketing Above the Noise. The interview focused on some of the most common questions and expectations surrounding Customer Advisory Boards.

In this podcast, Mike shares a few stories about how some tech companies are using their CAB to identify and strengthen their competitive advantage. He answers a number of important questions executives wrestle with when they are implementing their first or revising their ongoing CAB program. Questions such as:

  • What is a Customer Advisory Board, and how is it different from other types of customer meetings?
  • Where do CABs fit in the larger voice-of-the-customer model?
  • You often talk about an executive team wrestling with their “big question”. What is the “big question”?
  • For CAB programs to be successful, you need to have the right executives participate. But how do you invite the right people, especially if you don’t yet have a relationship with them?
  • What’s in it for the customer? Why would they want to attend?
  • For our listeners who may be about the kickoff their first CAB meeting, what 3 best practices would you recommend?
  • Where can our listeners get more information on CAB best practices?

For more information on Mike Gospe and KickStart Alliance’s Customer Advisory Board services, click here.

“Advisory Boards” vs “Advisory Councils” – What’s the difference?

Recently I’ve been asked a lot about the differences between Customer Advisory Boards (CAB) and Customer Advisory Councils (CAC). They are often considered synonyms, but they mean very different things. Here’s a snapshot of why they are different. Continue reading