For execs

How do you know if your company is ready for CAB?

Volume 1: Is your company ready?

Written for executives, Volume 1: Is your company ready? shares how innovative companies are using advisory boards to validate their business strategies, connect with their best customers, and sustain their competitive advantage.

Volume 1 assists leaders in assessing their company’s organizational, operational, and cultural readiness for embracing a CAB. CABs are not appropriate for all companies. This book tells you what to look for. In addition, you’ll find a case study on how one CEO hardwired his CAB into his annual planning process, thereby ensuring the questions he asked customers were relevant to the business decisions he and his team needed to make. And finally, you’ll find answers to many of your CAB questions.

Table of contents include:

  1. Is your company ready for a CAB?
  2. The CAB and the “Voice of the Customer” model
  3. Using the CAB to tune your strategic direction
  4. Top 10 List: what you need to know about CABs

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