For CAB managers

Secrets to executing a world-class CAB meeting

Volume 2Volume 2 is written for first-time CAB managers and those who want to hone their advisory board skills. Volume 2 offers an operations manual for success. It comes complete with timelines, case studies, techniques, and templates that you can put to use today.

This is the operations manual I wish I had ten years ago when I was tasked with running my first CAB meeting. Helping me to develop this book and share CAB best practices in a way that is both engaging and practical are customer engagement experts who I am honored to know. Customer advocates from Aspect, AT&T, Citrix, HP, Oracle, NFI, Rackspace, Siemens, Wells Fargo, and many others working at start-ups and enterprise companies helped me bring these pages to life. The table of contents includes:

  1. Countdown to a CAB (a timeline for implementation)
  2. Selecting customers
  3. The invitation process
  4. Selecting the venue
  5. Building the agenda
  6. Preparing content
  7. What to expect from the facilitator
  8. Information capture & dissemination
  9. Setting a budget
  10. Ground rules for employees
  11. Frequently asked questions

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