About The Flipchart Guides

cropped-flipchartguide_logo-finalrgb1.jpgWhy flipcharts? A tool of choice for many facilitators is the flipchart. While this may seem old-school in an era of modern technology, the flipchart visual brings everyone together. It offers a shared experience where all participants can see, comment on, and benefit from the key points, creative thoughts, and “aha!” moments captured from the conversation in real time. It’s a customer-engaging technique that encourages the discussion to grow in a purposeful direction.

Two volumes of the Flipchart Guide(TM) to Customer Advisory Boards leads you and your team through every step of the CAB process, showing you how to define and set up the right types of customer conversations that will unlock the Rosetta Stone of customer understanding. They offer strategies, agendas, and case studies used by companies that have successfully deployed CABs to enhance their relationships with strategic customers, improve customer loyalty, and sustain a competitive advantage.

Volume 1: Is your company ready?

Volume 2: How to execute a world-class CAB meeting

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