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How to kickoff your 2016 Spring Customer Advisory Board meeting

If you are thinking about hosting a Customer Advisory Board meeting, now’s the time to start planning. Here’s your first set of action items. CABs are not just another meeting you can rush to put together at the last minute. Continue reading

100 Customer Advisory Boards (CABs) and counting!

For the past 12 years, I’ve been working with hi-tech B2B companies to help them plan and facilitate their customer advisory boards. I recently crossed the threshold of 100 CABs. As I look back, here are 3 important lessons I’ve learned.

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Thinking about forming an advisory board? Here’s how to get your CAB questions answered — fast!

With the end of the summer, many companies will turn their attention to building their 2015 marketing and sales plans. And that includes thinking about forming a Customer Advisory Board. If CABs are new to you, you have many questions. Get the answers you need via a custom CAB best-practices seminar tailored just for you and your team. Continue reading

NDA’s and the Customer Advisory Board

Congratulations on founding your Customer Advisory Board (CAB). But how do you ensure a safe and secure format for discussing delicate, strategic topics? Read on to learn about three unspoken truths about non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) that should not be kept secret.

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