NEW! CAB Coaching

You are a versatile executive with a limited budget. Your business has grown and you want to harness the power of a Customer Advisory Board, but you want to facilitate your meeting yourself. You only have one chance to make a good impression with your most strategic customers.

Question: How can you limit the risk of a CAB misfire?

Answer: Hire MIke Gospe to be your CAB Coach

Introducing a new service from Mike Gospe and KickStart Alliance: CAB Coach

The baseline service includes 10 hours of CAB leadership and design consultation from Mike Gospe, CAB veteran and professional CAB facilitator.  Mike has worked with CIO and VP-level decision makers at B2B hi-tech companies for 28 years. He knows how they think and how they want to be engaged in CAB meetings. Mike earned his stripes facilitating customer meetings at HP and Sun. Beginning in 2002, he co-founded KickStart Alliance and has helped many, many Fortune 500 and start-up companies execute world-class CAB programs. Now, you can engage Mike when you need expert guidance and interaction:

  • Create, critique, or confirm your CAB program objectives
  • Review your profile of the best customers to invite and make recommendations
  • Work with you to build an integrated marketing program to invite your best customers and quickly confirm their RSVPs
  • Brainstorm worthy discussion topics for your agenda
  • Coach your team to deliver discussions, not presentations
  • Learn how to become a better facilitator
  • Practice and improve your own facilitation style
  • Discover how to avoid the 5 disasters associated with facilitating your own CAB
  • And much more

You decide when and on what CAB-related areas you want assistance. Mike is there to answer your questions and provide guidance and best practices.

Contact Mike to learn more.


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