Big challenges and opportunities for CX (customer experience) professionals

The November issue of CRM magazine includes a great article for those tasked with managing “customer experience”. CX has become a surging interest as companies get creative about how, when, and where to dialog with their customers. Here, I summarize a few of the challenges CX professionals face and a few tips for helping them navigate the sea of customer dialogs to their advantage. Continue reading

How to kickoff your 2016 Spring Customer Advisory Board meeting

If you are thinking about hosting a Customer Advisory Board meeting, now’s the time to start planning. Here’s your first set of action items. CABs are not just another meeting you can rush to put together at the last minute. Continue reading

Is your Customer Advisory Board world-class? Here’s how to tell.

What separates world-class customer advisory board (CAB) meetings from the rest? Since 2002 we’ve helped companies design and facilitate more than 100 CABs and executive roundtable (ERT) meetings. And the most successful ones all share the same evaluation results — they inspire the host company, and they engage clients. Continue reading

Customer Advisory Boards FAQ videos

Customer Advisory Board FAQ videos

Customer Advisory Board FAQs with Mike Gospe

I’ve just started publishing short videos on my YouTube channel that answer some common questions about customer advisory boards (CABs). Here are a few that are now available: Continue reading