“Voice of the Customer” Integration

v1.figure 1

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More companies today are making it a priority to update and energize their customer interactions. Yet while recognizing and treating the value of customer input and feedback as a priority as a good thing, allowing each department open reign for their own interaction with customers, out of sync with the interactions being driven by other departments, leads to internal confusion and duplication of resources. And this says nothing of the growing annoyance customers are likely to feel. The secret is to build a “voice of the customer” (VOC) model that is shared across the enterprise.

We are experts in VOC models and can help you define the right model that fits your organizational, operational, and cultural requirements. This figure illustrates some of the common touchpoints various departments have with customers. The key to success is to synchronize all of these efforts so the right set of customers are asked the right questions by the right people at the right time. We can help you make sense of the matrix, operationalize and coordinate these efforts, and allow everyone in your organization to benefit from this customer knowledge.

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