Strategic Business Planning & Workshops

compass_156361644_origContact Mike to learn more.

A CAB is a strategy tool that should tie directly to your annual business planning process. While they may feel like two independent activities, think of them as two chapters in the same book. The planning exercises set the premise for the plot of your customer story. We can help you link the two.

We help you plan for, facilitate, and execute leadership offsites and planning meetings of all types. Examples of our workshops and hands-on services include:

  • Developing company vision and mission statements
  • Crafting team charters
  • Defining roles & responsibilities
  • Prioritizing annual business initiatives
  • Reviewing annual business and marketing plans
  • And many others, each customized to meet your specific objectives

Result: We help you tune your vision, operational guidelines, and strategic priorities so they are in sync with your most strategic customers.   

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