CAB facilitation & more

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We specialize in customer advisory board (CAB) programs and partner advisory board (PAB) programs for B2B companies. And because we’ve been in your shoes, we understand your objectives and are able to create and facilitate an advisory board program that gets you the feedback and answers you need in order to make the best business decisions possible. Business decisions that differentiate your company and guide your vision. We offer a packaged set of services that includes pre-CAB strategy and planning services, facilitation services, and follow-up services.

Strategy & Planning Services

Before we suggest even a hint of an agenda, we take the time to understand your business objectives, your priorities, and your customers. No two companies are exactly alike which is why our CAB preparation methodology is both structured and flexible. We start by understanding your objectives for the CAB program as well as for the specific meeting. Then we’ll work side-by-side with you to establish a timeline of milestones and weekly touchpoints to work every detail. Details such as:

  • Creating a CAB customer profile so you can invite the right contacts from the right customers
  • Writing an effective invitation and guiding the customer communication process
  • Drafting an agenda that engages customers and drives constructive conversations
  • Coaching your content experts and leaders on how to prepare the best presentations and discussion modules

Result: Working as an extension of your team, we give you and your team the coaching, best practices, and templates to takes the mystery out of executing a world-class CAB meeting.

Facilitation Services

We’ve been facilitating advisory boards meetings and executive workshops since 2002. Because we come from the corporate world, we know how to talk and think like executives. We know what engagement techniques work best to ensure constructive and productive conversations with your most strategic customers. And we bring focus, diplomacy, and humor to establish a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere that allows for moments of discovery.

Result: We’ll work together to bring your CAB to life, ensuring delivery of the best agenda that meets your requirements and the expectations of your attendees.

Follow-up Services

Our work isn’t done when the meeting concludes. We provide our clients with two summary reports after every advisory board meeting: a detailed CAB Plan-of-Record for internal audiences, and a shorter CAB Executive Summary for customers. We do the heavy lifting in creating drafts of these reports that you can then edit prior to distributing.

Result: We do the follow-up work so you can focus on your other priorities. We make closing the loop with your CAB customers easy.

One thought on “CAB facilitation & more

  1. Jim Bass

    Great info, Mike. I really appreciate your sharing your insights. I have a question I am trying to answer and I am thinking may be the guy with the answer. Regarding CABs, what sets one apart as being world-class? What are some of the components, disciplines, activities and/or results that a company could add or do that would make it stand out above the rest?


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