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With a specialty in advisory boards, Mike Gospe is a professional CAB facilitator with more than a decade of CAB experience working with some of today’s most innovative companies.

He’s an accomplished leader, marketing strategist and corporate executive who understands what it takes to market and sell to today’s B2B companies. Mike spent the last 25 years helping companies of all sizes to architect and implement the most effective marketing strategies and plans. His expertise is an in integrated marketing and voice-of-the-customer programs including designing and facilitating Customer Advisory Board meetings and executive planning sessions.

Mike leads KickStart Alliance‘s marketing operations practice where, among other things, he conducts team-based “practical application working sessions” to improve the effectiveness of lead generation campaigns and product launches. His fun, practical approach and his roll-up-his-sleeves attitude energizes teams, helping them to get “real work done” while guiding them to the next level of excellence.

He’s authored a number of marketing- and sales-related articles, and is a frequent guest speaker at companies, marketing associations, and university business schools. His books on marketing best practices are available in paperback and for the Kindle.

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