Four objectives for each customer advisory board meeting

A customer advisory board (CAB) requires careful planning in order to ask the right customers the right questions. Before you start threading slides together, take a moment to clarify the specific objective(s) for each CAB meeting. Here’s what you need to know.

If you decide to pursue a customer advisory board (CAB) initiative, there are 4 primary objectives for each well-run meeting. A company may want to achieve just one, all four, or a combination of these.

1. Gain a better understanding of the trends, drivers, and priorities shaping your customers’ businesses, and to explore how your company can become a more valuable partner in light of these influences.

2. Validate your company’s value proposition and strategic direction, ensuring your business is in sync with your customers’ needs and expectations.

3. Review, assess, or brainstorm product direction and opportunities, improving solutions, interaction, and customer satisfaction.

4. Collaborate on shared business issues, thereby strengthening the relationship between your executives and these customer decision makers, and fostering peer-to-peer networking opportunities between your customers.

If any of the above objectives mesh with your interests, then a CAB is right for your company. For more information on these 4 objectives, as well as information regarding some of the often cited wrong objectives (i.e. using the CAB as a sales event), please refer to Volume 1.

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