3 reasons why your customers will want to attend your CAB

Senior decision makers attend CAB meetings for three primary reasons. Is your company ready to deliver?

First, they rarely have the opportunity to network with their peers to discuss and debate how the world around them affects their business. They are eager to explore and compare notes with other executives who are wrestling with the same business challenges. They want to learn from each other.

Second, they want to get a clear picture of your vision and business strategy and explore how they can influence it and take greater advantage of the benefits your company offers. Briefings on product direction, early access to products before general release, hands-on with prototypes, and unprecedented access to your company’s leadership team all provide a unique and compelling opportunity to gather and discuss information that can only be obtained under a non-disclosure agreement.

And third, it is very rare to find vendors that are genuinely interested in learning what customers think. Customers have opinions they want to share with their vendors, if only the vendors would ask them sincerely, politely, and with an honest intention to listen and act on their input. So, when a company extends a thoughtful invitation to senior decision makers to come together with their peers and provide guidance and feedback, many customer executives jump at the chance.

To confirm these reasons, here is some feedback customers have offered at the close of CAB meetings.

I feel honored to be invited to participate with this elite group of strategic customers.

It’s about time! I’ve been waiting for a meeting like this where I can share feedback. Thank you for inviting me.

It’s not often that I am invited to contribute in an executive roundtable. I very much appreciated the opportunity to offer my input and feedback on your company vision and direction.

I enjoyed participating in a lot of very interesting discussions and spending time together and exchanging ideas.

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